Monday, February 14, 2011

Announcing a special and Happy Valentine's Day!

First 3 people to book and pay for session will receive a $100 print credit. Session to take place by end of March. If you were thinking of doing a session, this would be the time!  Give me a call at 813-760-3334.

And to have a picture with a post....


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365 | Week 6


35/365 My "new toy" at the gym!

36/365 Payne at his first hockey game.

37/365 Dark chocolate kisses

38/365 My day planner.... can't live without it... still a paper pencil kind of girl.

39/365 It was 68 degrees today! A simply gorgeous day!

40/365 Facebook... the black hole!

41/365 Brooke invited me to a tea party.

Project 365 | Week 5


29/365 Gasparilla Pirate invasion
30/365 Banana hot fudge sugar free pudding
31/365 Payne on the carousel ride at the mall
32/365 Payne had a bad dream this night.  I brought him out to see Kevin.  He laid down with him on he couch.  Out of the blue he got up and went down to sleep on the floor.
33/365 Got my hair done... Samantha's scissors
34/365 computer keyboard.... where I type away
35/365 Brooke showing off her 100 button shirt for "100 days of school" day

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lori's bunch | Tampa photographer

My favorite photog friend, Lori, of Lori Boynton Photography, and I got together yesterday for a crazy, fun shoot! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!


Isn't Mr. A the cutest?!?!?