Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some shots of my Brooke!

Last year we did this shot and a few more I didn't post. Yesterday we did these! She sure is growing up!



My favorite!


A BIG thanks...

I just wanted to take the time to THANK everyone who helped make my business a success this year. I was so blessed to be given the opportunity to photograph some amazing babies, kids, families and seniors! I just know that 2010 is going to be even better! I hope that everyone has a wonderful start to the new year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laugh Kookaburra, Laugh Kookaburra.. | Tampa Family Photographer

I spent the best 2 hours today with the sweetest, most genuine family. You could just feel the love and I truly mean that! Vanessa, who lives in CA, contacted me and wanted to get some shots of her cute, adorable son Mr. S, along with them and the grandparents while she was in town visiting for Christmas. Two of her sisters were there to help keep his attention. That's where the title of this post comes into play. We were all out near the golf course and they belt out, quite nicely I might add, the Kookaburra song. He just stared at them and then eventually cracked a smile! The sang a few others I wasn't too familiar with but I loved it! I loved how they were all so happy. Made me miss my family! I thought about sticking around and enjoying the fire that was in the fireplace, they made me feel that comfortable! I didn't want to leave. I drove home with a smile on my face the whole time thinking what a fun 2 hours I had! I just love what I do! Thanks Vanessa and David for putting a smile on my face. I am so glad that I got to meet you! Here are a few teasers! I will let you know when I am done with the rest of them!





Friday, December 25, 2009

What a sweet smile | Tampa photographer

Mr. J again! That smile just makes the day brighter!


Another session with sweet baby B | Tampa photographer

Met up with Miss Christy and her husband again to get some more shots of their sweet baby boy.




The {G} family | Tampa family photographer

I met this gorgeous family in Old Hyde Park Village to get some shots for their Christmas Card. And they turned out wonderfully! Cheri and I met at Gymboree 5 years ago when our daughters were there. Both her Miss H and my Brooke became fast friends. They just love each other! The second shot was Captain Jim's idea... he's the fisherman of the family!



Merry Christmas everyone!

Our card this year! Hope that everyone has a wonderful day today!



Sunday, December 20, 2009

The {H} family | Tampa family photographer

Check out this gorgeous family! The day we met to take pictures I just prayed the weather would hold up and it did. We met over at UT and got some cute shots for their Christmas card. Their kids are absolutely adorable. Mr. B kept me laughing the whole time! He is such a ham. Miss B was such a sweet heart and Mr. R, a cutie patootie! I was saving this post until after they got their cards out. Didn't want to give any shots away! THANKS Kelly for giving me the opportunity to capture your family! I look forward to capturing some spring shots!







Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just playing around

Here is a shot I took of Payne. You will see it SOOC, edited, and then in this delicious B&W using this FREE action that I found. Would love to know what you think.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ah, ha ha ha. Ah, ha ha ha... | Tampa family photographer

Too bad I didn't somehow capture the sound from this photo shoot! If you could have heard this family you would have definitely stopped to see what the heck was going on! They "practiced" smiles with their daughter before meeting me and decided that her smile looked best while she was laughing so.... they laughed the whole shoot! One would think this practice would be a little odd... but since I know this family quite well... well... it's in the norm! LOL! Their family shot came out sooooo good! I would love to post, but they used it on their Christmas card... maybe after the holidays! Check out their adorable children in the mean time!




Monday, December 14, 2009

Boy was he FAST... | Tampa Children's Photographer

Meet Mr. B. How cute is he?? He was quick on his feet so I had to be the same. I definitely got my workout in! LOL! I enjoyed photographing him and his parents. Only sharing one as I don't want to give too many away. Not sure which ones they'll pick for holiday presents!