Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My entry for...

I heart faces. This weeks theme... black and white!


Drum roll.....

Here is the group shot that I was talking about a few weeks ago. I heard that Nana cried when she opened her present and saw the photo! Happy Birthday Nana!


Then we did one without the letters which is equally cute!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day late...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Individual shots of my kids since I couldn't get a great one of them together!


Happy Birthday sweet Mr.K...

Below is my favorite shot of the day! Mr. K was not too sure about the smash cake. He was more into mommy feeding him than getting his hands messy.


Here is the birthday boy with his handsome daddy!


Below is the last shot of the day. He's just the sweetest little boy!


Happy 1st Birthday Mr. K!

Thanks again Tina for everything! You are a wonderful friend!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet the {R} kids...

My biggest challenge yet as a photographer... getting 6 kids to sit and smile! I had a lot of fun though. I'm excited to share the individual pictures of the kids. The group shot I will have to keep hidden as it is a surprise for someone special!

If you check out my blog on a regular basis, you will recognize this beauty... Miss. M!

The next two sweeties are twins and they were so serious! Aren't they so cute? Miss E was just a doll. Check out his eyes on Mr. B! They are so amazing!!!!


This cutie pie below was my challenge! Mr. T was so not interested. Caught him though! :0)

This sweetie below was just so easy to work with! Mr. R loved to sit and smile it up for the camera!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My entry for the

I LOVE faces contest! The theme this week.... "the eyes have it". This is my first time entering a picture on this blog. I had never heard about it until this weeks judge, Jodi, posted it on her blog! How exciting and what a super fun blog with super fun contests! This is my daughter Brooke. This picture was my blog header for the past year. She just got bumped for a new header! opps! The is one of my all time favorite shots of her! Looks like she has cat eyes!