Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 365 | Week 4

The first month is almost over and phew... this is tough to remember to take a picture everyday.

22/365 Brooke with all the beads she collected at the Gasparilla children's parade last Saturday.
23/365  Lightning vs Atlanta Thrashers.  Lightning won 7-1.  I went with my best friend Samantha.  
24/365 Zappo's chips.  Never tired this vodoo flavor.  One afternoon Kevin took me and Payne out to lunch at Wright's and Payne saw the bag and said, "Look mom Yo Gabba Gabba chips."  Kevin and I laughed as they "people" on this bag of chips do resemble the characters on the show Yo Gabba Gabba.   (click on the word Yo Gabba Gabba to see what they actually look like.)
25/365 Took Payne to the park.  He likes to slide down the slide on his belly.
26/365  Brooke's nails painted Dunkin Donuts colors.
27/365  My 20x30 canvas of my favorite family picture that hangs on the family room wall that has been vacant for 6 years.  (Crazy how big it looked in the box and small it looks on the wall)
28/365  Payne's matchbox cars.  He thinks that every time we go to Target he can get one.  Thank goodness they are only 79 cents.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365 | Week 3

So this is week 3 


I am already forgetting to take pictures!

Will I be able to keep this up???

15/365 Brooke is participating in Basketball at the YMCA.  She really likes it.

16/365  My favorite... strawberry shortcake and shake at Brandon Farms.  They are the best!

17/365  The donuts the kids decorated at Dunkin Donuts. My husband is doing a loan for the first ever "GREEN" Dunkin Donuts in St. Pete.  The owner invited the kids over so we went on Monday, in the POURING rain.

18/365 (a late picture) But one of my favorite beverages... diet lemonade.  I drink the diet version b/c it doesn't have sugar.  That's all.  I'm NOT on a diet!  LOL!

19/365 (another late picture)  American Idol.  Time to get my laugh on!

20/365 My world famous banana muffins, ok, their not MY world famous muffins. They are Giada's.  But I have been making them for years and know the recipe by heart.  Plus I have tweaked it to make it healthier like whole wheat flower instead of white and applesauce instead of oil.  So that has to count for something, right? 

21/365 The best Christmas gift that I got two years ago!  And I had to fight Kevin on getting it.  He didn't want to get me an "appliance" for Christmas.  Welp, I love it!  My dad got one too this Christmas after seeing mine!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Day mini sessions

Valentine's Day mini sessions, Sunday January 30.
location TBD ... taking suggestions.... stairs at UT, weeds at picnic island, my concrete driveway (picture below)
20 minute sessions starting at 4pm
$50 for one child/ each additional sibling $15
3-5 images to select from
24 wallets
many cute templates from which to choose

Only 5 spots available

Call 813-760-3334 to book yours

Why give store valentine cards when you can give cute ones of your adorable children?  And what a better way to get some updated pictures of your child(ren)?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Before & After...

This is why you hire a professional photographer. It is not only our skills behind the camera but also the editing skills after. Here is a shot of my sweet, beautiful daughter who humors me on a daily basis by allowing me to take numerous pictures of her!


Project 365 | Week 2

8/365 Tea with my dear friend Jen in Ybor City
9/365 Pomegranates... LOVE them!
10/365 Angry Birds... my new obsession
11/365 Busch Gardens with Payne
12/365 Brooke earned a Book it coupon for reading a bunch of books.  Had her first ever Pizza Hut "personal" pan pizza.
13/365 Payne in front of a monster truck
14/365 It's strawberry season!!!!!  My breakfast.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My what a difference 9 months makes | Tampa children's photographer

I can't believe how big Mr. B is getting. I photographed him right after he was born. You can see those here and here.  Soon after, they moved to San Diego and I was sad to see them go.  Now they are back and I couldn't be more thrilled, but it's only because Mr. B's dad is back out to sea until June which is so sad.  Sad that he missed out on his son's first Christmas and will miss out on his first birthday and possible his first walk.... However it is a blessing that his dad if fighting for our freedom. 
Anyway... look how cute he is?  That dimple.... just want to squeeze those cheeks!



In the picture below if you look closely into his right eye you can see the ceiling fan.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365 | Week 1

I have decided to participate in project 365 which is where you take one picture everyday of the year.  I am hoping to stick with it... so we'll see.  I am doing this with my camera phone so:

1.  It's fun.

2.  I don't have to "edit- make it perfect".

3.  It's quick. 

4.  I always have my phone and won't have to carry my big camera everywhere I go.

Here is the first week. I decided late January 1st to do this so no picture...

2/365  The kids after their bath.
3/365  Lemon Body Butter.... my favorite!
4/365  A RARE occasion.... Payne fell asleep in his little chair 45 minutes earlier than his nap time.  When I woke him up to put him in his crib he didn't wake up... he must have been soooo tired.  The boy slept until 3.
5/365  Fig jam, Pancetta and Brie sandwich!  YUM!!!  Find the recipe here.
6/365  Payne and his sweet smile!
7/365  Jellyfish at the aquarium.  Payne and I spent the morning there with Cheri and Bryce.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week 1 I HEART FACES Best face of 2010

Here it is... my entry for week one of I heart faces challenge 2011.   This weeks theme is your best face of 2010!  She was/is my most photographed face of 2010 and she's gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check the other entries and vote.  There is no judge this week. This week everyone votes which is so exciting!