Saturday, May 17, 2008

Introducing Payne!

Here are a few pictures that I promised. We got home Friday afternoon. Everything is going great. He's a great eater and sleeper when he's in someone's arms.... ugh! Thank goodness my mom is here to take a shift while I get some sleep. Brooke's is adjusting well and LOVES her little brother! I'm really proud of her! Payne gave her a "little brother" present when we came home on Friday. She got a brand new "big girl" bike and wants to ride it all of the time! (I'll get some pictures posted soon.)

Wanted to share a little about the name, John Payne. John is after Kevin's dad who passed away in 2005 unexpectedly during a plane accident. Payne is after Kevin's favorite golfer Payne Stewart who passed away in 1999. We will call him Payne.

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Lisa K. Ford said...

Payne what a handsome dude couldn't open the one's you e-mailed are these the same. Lisa Ford