Saturday, June 14, 2008

For their Daddy!

I never ask what he wants for Father's Day... but this year Father's Day came quick and I wasn't too prepared. So I did the dreaded thing and asked. His response... nothing... that he wanted to spend the day with his family. Awww... how sweet. But I still wanted to get him something. What do you get the man who has everything (or when he wants something he runs out and buys it right then and there)? My mom suggested that I take a picture of his two kids and frame it. Like he doesn't see enough pictures... but after racking my brain for an idea... I prepped Brooke, got them dressed and sat them out in the TALL grass in the hot heat, stepped up on my trusty ladder and snapped away. Here's what I got. Framed the one with the two of them(the one of her sitting up holding Payne). Of course Brooke spilled the beans to Kevin that we had gone to the store and bought a frame for Father's Day. I'm sure he figured it out! I just can't win! :0)

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