Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Mr.G!!! | {Tampa's Children Photgrapher}

Is this little one not the sweetest?? I am so honored that he would want to begin his birthday with me this morning! Even though he was telling me, "no, no no!!!" I swear I felt the love! LOL!

Small world story: When Tara (Mr. G's mom ) contacted me to schedule a session we figured out we knew a lot of the same people. We worked at the same school at different times, she lived across the street from my best friend, and is dear friends with my BUCS friends that I so miss seeing. I even think we met years ago at a BUCS game. And then today we found out that we both went to high school not far from each other up in the "redneck riviera", so it was destined that I photograph this BEAUTIFUL, SWEET and growing family! Yes, Tara is almost 5 months pregnant with boy #2! YAY for them!

Here are a few shots from this morning! Enjoy and I'll let you know when your gallery is ready!




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heather said...

Seriously, could that kid get any cuter? Beautiful photos.