Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sneak Peek of the {S} family | Tampa Family Photographer

Meet this GORGEOUS family! Everyone says "South Tampa" is small... and well, the mom, Adrianna, and I "knew" each other but didn't know we "knew" each other. Sounds confusing I know. Her daughter Miss S was on Brooke's soccer team last year, I see them at school and at the YMCA all the time, but we never put the connection together until we actually talked on the phone when we were scheduling this gorgeous family's shoot! I thought the morning went quite well! Mr. A was a dreammmmm! He just posed a way and I got some GREAT shots!!! Miss S is just like my Brooke! After one click of the camera... are we done yet??? I loved it! :0) Here are a few shots to take a look at until I can edit the rest! I just love the one of the two kids together! It has to be my favorite!!! Enjoy and I certainly loved spending the morning with you guys!





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