Tuesday, October 19, 2010


On October 1st I flew up to Chicago to go to a photography workshop taught by the great Audrey Woulard. The workshop was all day Saturday and half day Sunday and full of great information. I also met some wonderful photographers from all over. I took lots of pictures of the adorable models she provided for us, but have yet to have any time to edit them. Blah. While in Chicago, I stayed with family and had an AWESOME time visiting with them. A few hours before I left I was able to photograph Suzanne's sweet family. Little D was not in the mood for photos (which is common with the little ones), so to keep him happy... he held a bag of the oh so yummy goldfish! And you know what... who cares! That's who he was at THAT moment and they will always have that memory of him.... memories that quickly escape us! You can get that "perfect" shot when they are older! Enjoy them now and capture them for who they are now.




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