Monday, November 15, 2010

How about a blue popalop?| Tampa family photographer

What is a popalop you ask? Well, silly it's a poppop. (That's what we call it in our family.) Still unsure? It's a lollipop. Isn't it funny how kids have their own way of calling this delicious treat?

How adorable are these three....even more so when you have met them in person! Mr. P was in Brooke's pre-K class last year and it wasn't until this year that I got to know his mom and boy is South Tampa a small world. Mr. P... the sweetest boy ever! I loved seeing him last year in Brooke's class. So polite. And this year I got to meet Miss B... P's sister. She is also so super sweet and that gorgeous red hair... yowza! Now back to the popalop... well Mr. G needed this to continue on our picture taking while we were at UT.

Here are a few shots from yesterday while I continue to edit. Again, keeping the family shot top secret until after the holidays! Enjoy!


Mr. P

Miss B

Mr. G