Thursday, July 24, 2008


A photographer friend that I "met" on one of the photography sites I frequent found these cute little caps on ETSY. I just LOVED how her pictures turned out that I bought one myself. Have you heard of ETSY???? What a super, fun site on the net. It's like a sweet collection of boutiques. The little boutique is called Wee Wittle Tids Boutique. Check it out! Can't wait to take more pictures of Brooke in her new cap! I'm sure she's thrilled.... of course I had to bribe her to take these!

3 comments: said...

Thank you for looking up my site. I appreciate your comments and good luck in your up and coming business. If there is anything you have a question about please ask.


ABZ said...

Love the new pics and cap! I know Etsy well.....been having a love affair with it since I discovered it a while back. You truly are talented, my friend! :)

Herb of Grace said...

Oh thanks for letting me know! I'm loving this Etsy shop :)