Friday, July 11, 2008

Some of my favorites of Brooke...

Thought I'd share some of my Brooke favorites.

This one above won me my "p" status on

I used the above photo on Brooke's birthday invitation last year.

The photo above with the sunflower got me an "editor's pick" on

I really like how I was able to catch the water in the pic above. Kevin was kicking the water on Brooke. She loved it.

The pic above is my all time favorite. Pure luck that she actually looked at me! :0)
Loved her eyes in the pic above.

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mary said...

Got to your blog through Ali Gaulin's blog. These pictures of your daughter are incredible, I hope you are blowing them up and putting them on the wall!! Congrats on "P" status on Soaphoto. I never got too far on that site, it was hard to progress but I enjoyed the time that I was there.