Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Mr. T | Destin Children's Photographer

Ok... not the "real" Mr. T. :) This cutie patootie happens to be the son of one of my high school homies! I spent this past weekend up in Destin visiting with old friends and enjoy some "me time". I met Maria and her son over at Baytowne Wharf over in Sandestin. It's been 20 years since I lived there... Yes, I am dating myself... and boy has that place changed. Didn't care too much for the spring break traffic... but this place was worth it! I LOVED it!!!! I wanted to pick it up and transport it with me back to Tampa. The colors, the brick, the textures... a photographer's dream! ok.... back to Mr. T! This one kept me going! He only sat still enough for me when I started talking about a lollipop that I had in my car. I happened to get a few good shots! Here are a few sneak peeks until I can get to the rest Maria! Thanks again for meeting me there! Meeting your son was such a delight!




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