Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet sweet baby boy B | Tampa newborn photographer

Oh... did meeting this guy 24 hours after he was born stir up the baby itch in me! And when I texted my husband from the hospital his text back was "hahaha... don't even think about it!"

His mom, Leslee, and I became fast friends when she was a nanny for a little boy that my daughter Brooke loved to play with. Leslee eventually got married and moved off to Virginia where her husband was stationed in the Navy. In January he left on a ship for a 4 month trip and Leslee, pregnant, moved back to Florida to be with her mom. The two of them had no idea what the sex of their unborn child was. Her husband was unable to be there for the birth which broke my heart but at least she had her mom! So on the day baby B was born I waited patiently to get my text letting me know.. boy/girl. I texted and what I got back was "waiting to talk to Bob". It was then that I realized that she was waiting to talk to him before she announced it to the rest of their friends and family!

So with that... I'm only sharing one picture since Bob has yet to meet his son!

Baby B slept the whole time! A DREAM!!! So I was able to get some great shots... though I am not done with him yet! I just love this baby! He's sooo sweet and check out that head of hair and those sweet lips!


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Lori said...

So sweet! Those lips, that hair! Love everything about this shot!