Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school | Tampa Children's photographer

Brooke's first day of Kindergarten was yesterday.  I seriously cannot believe that she is in Kindergarten.  Seems like yesterday I gave birth to that sweet little girl.  We found out a week ago who her teacher was and I have to say I was thrilled that she got one of the two Kindergarten teachers I used to work with when I taught at Roosevelt.  I took Brooke (and Payne) to "meet" her Monday morning.  She was happy to see 2 of her her former pre-k classmates in her class.  I was surprised to see some mutual friends show up with their kids as well.  Of course it had to be one of the nastiest days yesterday due to rain so getting pictures in the morning was quite difficult.  My lens just kept fogging up.  I got a few of her in the class with the teacher and then had to wait until after school to get some outside shots in front of the school sign.  We invited out neighbors along to start a tradition when school starts every year.  Payne was pretty good and watched everyone take their shots with the chalkboard.  When we were done, he said, "Payne do it."  He was so funny posing with the chalkboard.   Enjoy....



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