Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365 | Week 3

So this is week 3 


I am already forgetting to take pictures!

Will I be able to keep this up???

15/365 Brooke is participating in Basketball at the YMCA.  She really likes it.

16/365  My favorite... strawberry shortcake and shake at Brandon Farms.  They are the best!

17/365  The donuts the kids decorated at Dunkin Donuts. My husband is doing a loan for the first ever "GREEN" Dunkin Donuts in St. Pete.  The owner invited the kids over so we went on Monday, in the POURING rain.

18/365 (a late picture) But one of my favorite beverages... diet lemonade.  I drink the diet version b/c it doesn't have sugar.  That's all.  I'm NOT on a diet!  LOL!

19/365 (another late picture)  American Idol.  Time to get my laugh on!

20/365 My world famous banana muffins, ok, their not MY world famous muffins. They are Giada's.  But I have been making them for years and know the recipe by heart.  Plus I have tweaked it to make it healthier like whole wheat flower instead of white and applesauce instead of oil.  So that has to count for something, right? 

21/365 The best Christmas gift that I got two years ago!  And I had to fight Kevin on getting it.  He didn't want to get me an "appliance" for Christmas.  Welp, I love it!  My dad got one too this Christmas after seeing mine!

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