Saturday, April 19, 2008

Daddy, where is that music coming from????

Brooke had her first T-ball game today (I'll get some pics posted soon). When we got home, the ice cream man was driving through our neighborhood. Her ears perked up and she said "Daddy, where is that music coming from?" Brooke had never seen this before... tribute that to me distracting her every time he came around. This time we couldn't get away with it any longer. She was quite amazed that you could get ice cream from a truck that stopped in front of your house. I picked the push up pop for her knowing that it would take her FOREVER to select a treat from the side of the truck plus I remember them being my favorite. (Though after a taste, not so much.) She ate about half of it because it started to melt and she's weird about stuff on her hands. She couldn't eat it fast enough. Not my greatest pictures, but thought the they turned out cute enough to go along with the story.

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