Sunday, April 6, 2008

My first post!!!!

Well, I decided that I should start a blog. Hopefully with this, my photography business idea will come to life next. Here, anyone can check it out for new photos of Brooke and if I am lucky... photos of other children that I was asked to take. Wish me luck!!!! Here is a picture that I took of Brooke and so many people have commented on it that I thought I would post this one first! Let me know what you think!


Ofallon said...

Hey Laurel,

This is great. you know how much I love this picture of Brooke. soon you'll be twice as busy taking pictures of Brooke because you'll have two little cuties.

I like the idea of your having a blog so others can see the awesome pictures you take. Good luck on getting your business going.

Ilove you,

Dreamchasers said...

This is a terrific idea Laurel. Love the photos of the children. We received John Payne's announcement yesterday. He is adorable.

Best of luck with your new venture. Fondly, Shirley and Gary