Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A petti-skirt day.

Was inspired today by a friend (A.C.) to get out there and take more pictures of Brooke in her petti-skirt. She had fun twirling around in it! Thought the pink converse would be a fun, girly touch.

LOOK at those eyes! LOVE the way this turned out! Her eyes were quite clear! A perfect picture!

Bleached this one for a different look!

Loved her poses in this one above and below! She had fun!

One of my favorites. Thought the yellow from the house added a pop of color!


A Cannon Photography said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these.............Your work is amazing. I love the one with the shoes and the yellow wall. Thats my Fav. As cute as Brooke is, that pic ROCKS>....Great angle, pov and colors. LOVE the petti and those sneakers. I am glad that you decided to play with the petti, they are so much fun. I want to get a few more colors for Kinley!!!
Keep upi the GREAT work. Before you knoe it, the business that you want so bad , will be yours and you will stay super busy. LOVE em!!
Oh, and I am glad shes playing ball, love those pics too. Looks like FUN. LOVE the ones of her in the red too, Shes the perfect model.
Keep it up!!!! HUGS

Allison said...

Hi Laurel! I love love love that last one with her feet and the yellow wall! I'm glad you stopped by so that we could get back in touch. I loved looking at your blog!