Monday, September 27, 2010

The {B} kids | Tampa children's photographer

I'm just giddy with excitement when I look at the photos from a session I did on Saturday morning with the {B} kids! They were perfect, followed directions and were so easy to work with. Their mom, Mary, and I met in 1994 at West Tampa Elementary. There was an opening at the school (which didn't happen often) in what I specialized in (Mary's old position) and I got it. Working there was one of my most favorite times. Mary ended up getting married and having kids and decided to stay home. I would occasionally see her here and there but it wasn't until last year that we ran into each other again. Our kids go to the same school. How about that?!?! Here are a few individual shots to share... saving the group shot for the Christmas card!

Mary _54web

Mary _63web

Mary _65web

Mary _109web

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