Saturday, September 18, 2010

A sneaky peeky for mom | Tampa Children's photographer

I have been given the opportunity to GIVE BACK to my daughter's school (and former workplace), Roosevelt Elementary, by taking B&W pictures of the students of the school for them to sell at the school auction. This past Thursday I took the picture of the {F} girls. While I edited a shot of the three of them... I just sat and stared at it! For some reason the photo (in B&W) just evoked emotion in me. Here are three sisters, very close in age, all a grade level apart and just looking at the picture... meeting them for the first time... I could just see their personalities. It has to be one of my favorite shots ever! So I had to let the mom know... and of course she wanted to see. How could she wait over a month? :) So I am giving her this sneak peek of the color version. Enjoy Miss K! You are truly blessed!

Falconer girls FBweb

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