Saturday, March 19, 2011

4 weeks of pictures of the day for Project 365

I have been keeping up with my project 365 but have been BAD about blogging them.  I know a certain someone is waiting... patiently.... to see her b-day cake as I made it my POTD last week.  So here you go Jen!  :)

50/365 Peanut Butter Cream Pie from Yoder's down in Sarasota!  
51/365 I bleached the front of the house with Clorox Clean-up!
52/365 Brooke standing with her bike!  She's getting pretty good!  Proud of her determination. 
53/365 Strawberries at Brandon Farms!
54/365 Brooke wearing her Daisy vest.
55/365 Payne found this drum at the bottom of the toy box... it's so noisy!
56/365 My Christmas present and favorite pair of shoes!
Week 9
 57/365 My number for the 5K race I run once a year.  My 16th time running.  Time: 29:50
58/365 Buy one get one free Smoothies at Xtreme!  LOVE them!!!
59/365 White Chocolate covered pretzels!  YUMMY!
60/365 Payne had discovered cheetos... He has cheetos fingers!
61/365 The kids as we walked to school one morning.  The walk is .7 of a mile each way.
62/365 Payne in the swing at the park.
63/365 Brooke's "clean" room.  Spent 2.5 hours cleaning it out while she was at school!

WEEK 10 

64/365 PINKBERRY is coming to town!  April 8th!

65/365 POLLEN!  YUCK!  I don't have allergies but this year, I seemed to feel it.

66/365 Brooke one morning before I woke her up for school.  She has hair all in her face and a pillow on top of her.

67/365 Happy 40th birthday Jen!!!!

68/365 Trying to read and learn more about understanding exposure!

69/365 Chick-fil-a #1 meal with a diet lemonade. A weekly meal b/c Payne LOVES this place! 

70/365  Just washed my car!  Love a CLEAN car!


71/365 University of Tampa.  Was the Tampa Bay Hotel during the Spanish American War.

72/365 Brooke and made this Leprechaun trap to catch that sneaky little thing.

73/365 The Bachelor! A guilty pleasure.

74/365 Payne loves to look at toys when we are at Target.  Doesn't want any of them, just likes to look at them.

75/365 Brooke at field day at school (didn't realize I took this in B&W).

76/365 Some of the Leprechaun traps in Brooke's class.

77/365 My own invention of the salted chocolate.  Had the most amazing one Monday night brought back from The Ritz.  Trying to recreate with Dove dark chocolate and kosher salt.  Not quite the same but pretty good.

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