Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Fight Factory, Crossfit 813 and Pinkberry!!!!!

Yesterday was the grand reopening of The Fight Factory here in Tampa.  Their moto, where athletes come to train.
Inside The Fight Factory you can find Crossfit 813.  I have yet to do a class, but have heard so much about it!  I have to mentally prepare myself for it and I will do one soon.
So are you wondering how PINKBERRY fits with all of this?  Well, my girlfriend Jackie is bringing PINKBERRY to Tampa.
Can I get a woot woot???  
She has raved about it.  I tried it last year over in Orlando and thought it was good.  Fast forward to yesterday.  Jackie called me and told me to come over to the Fight Factory where PINKBERRY would be set up for the grand reopening.  Her son, Jon, is a  co-owner of Crossfit 813.  They are housed at The Fight Factory so that is how PINKBERRY was there.

Back to PINKBERRY and its yumminess (is that a word?)....  Friday night we took the kids out for a treat to celebrate potty training my 2 yo son.  We went to a local yogurt place... I won't name it.... and it was good.  Then yesterday I try PINKBERRY again and boy do I taste a huge difference.  So I change my good to a GREAT!!  OMG... I couldn't get enough.  I had two cups and wanted more but had lots of willpower as to not look greedy.  My kids... not so much!  They were all over it!  So now I have to wait.... until April 7 for the VIP party... dreaming of the yummy PINKBERRY!

This is the side of the catering truck.
 The outside of The Fight Factory.
 My kids spinning the wheel!

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Jackie Gardner said...

Great pictures Laurel! Thanks for stopping by!