Saturday, April 16, 2011

The gorgeous couple | Tampa photographer

I'm so thrilled to show off this gorgeous couple ~ Samantha and Tony!!!  Samantha and I have been BFF for 17 years now.   I couldn't wait to get my camera on her!  She is a photographer's dream being that she models part time!!! You can see her here and here (that's all I could find at the moment).  She also is co-owner of L'Bella Style Lounge and she does some real estate on the side.  And check out her adorable husband who is the owner of Mirabella Motors.

So this shoot has been in the making since for over 8 months.  Last August we got rained out and then I began my busy season for the holidays, so she was going to have to wait!  LOL! I believe it was worth it!

We started at the Waterside Marriott and then moved over to Ybor City. 

Here are some images from the shoot.









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