Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SPECIAL for TEACHER apprecaition week

The first week in May is teacher appreciation week.  If you already didn't know I have a soft spot for teachers as I was once one (crossing fingers not to have to go back).  I taught learning disabled children grades K-5 for 10 years and then moved on to become an ESE Specialist working with exceptional student education children within the Alternative school for 3 more years before I left to have my first child.   Don't get me wrong on the crossing my fingers part.  If I could go back and TEACH without all the crap, I would.  So instead I take pictures of children and that satisfies my "working with children" itch!

I am offering a special to all the teachers out there who work their bottoms off, who dedicate themselves to OUR children and never treat themselves! 

So here is the skinny....

An hour session in the Tampa area and 8 (8x10 and smaller) prints a ($470 value) for $300.
$150 down to hold spot.  To be used by end of June.  I will take 8% of each session fee and make a donation to Donors Choose

If you are reading this and are not a teacher...  I will announce a summer special later!

And to have a picture with a post... this shot is from a teacher session last year.  This is Amy and her two kids.  Amy and I went to college together.

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