Thursday, July 8, 2010

"It can't hurt to ask!" | Tampa teen photographer

So yesterday morning I received a call from the sweetest mother of one of my best clients ever.  Her grandson's were here in town...only for 2 days... she knew it was sooo last minute... but did I have time to take pictures?  In her message she said, "It can't hurt to ask" and you know what... it can't.  Miss Linda had called me back in February asking me if I would be interested but she wasn't sure when they would be here.  I'm so glad she called!  We met down in Ybor City to get some shots before their car ride back to Atlanta.   Check out these handsome guys!  And a big thanks to my girl Lisa for watching my son Payne for me so I was able to get this done for the sweetest woman ever!




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